The Gate House

Littleport (Ely) Bed & Breakfast

"We are always willing to find new ways of reducing environmental impact"

AA Four Star GoldVist England Gold Award


We have made every effort to make our house as environmentally friendly as possible, at the same time maintaining a high standard of comfort. The house is constructed with good thermal efficiency, underfloor heating on all floors with individual room thermostats and low energy lighting. There is a dual circuit with rain water being used for flushing toilets, washing clothes and the garden. All building work was carried out either by local builders or by ourselves.

We adopt a similar approach to our bed and breakfast, fresh natural produce is bought locally. Bacon, eggs, sausages, vegetables are bought fresh from local suppliers. We attempt to minimise packaging, and reduce transportation wherever possible, prefering to use the train when possible.

We are always willing to try new ways of reducing environmental impact and would welcome any suggestions for further improvement.