Ely Leisure Centre - Turnstone Estates

New Cinema and Leisure Village

Enjoy food and cinema?

Recently opened outside of Ely is a brand new entertainment complex. This brings a large 6 screen Cineworld cinema to Ely along with a whole host of restaurants and fast food outlets to choose from.

Hungry patrons can find something to stifle their hunger with 4 in-line restaurants; Arbuckles, Frankie & Benny’s, Hungry Horse and a new addition the Isle of Ely. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for fast food on the go, both Mcdonalds and KFG provide a drive-thru service. Furthermore, Costa, Chosen Bun and Pizza Hut also have their own stand-alone buildings.

This is not the end of the development for this Leisure Village, phase two involves adding a new swimming pool to the existing sports clubs.

The complex is accessible via two junctions to Downham road, off the A10.