Gatehouse Stained Glass Door

Gatehouse Stained Glass Door

This video shows the wonderful light display from the glass in early summer. The light show changes throughout the year.

We commissioned Hannah Stained Glass to design the Gatehouse stained glass door. This was a great decision the door instantly changes the mood of the house, bathing the hall in the most wonderful tapestry of light, especially during May.

Front door by Hannah Stained Glass

The design was loosely inspired by a linocut by Jean Slee-Smith of rock pools and depicts water flowing through sunlit hills in an almost mystical landscape.

The reflections from the glass continuously change as the position of the sun changes throughout the day and seasons. This creates dramatic displays of light on the walls, doors, floor and stairs at different times of the day. These displays sometimes last for hours, sometimes just minutes, they are always different and they never fail to amaze.

Reflected Images


Jo, the artist is probably best known for her absolutely spectacular 36-foot long stained glass window in Leeds University depicting civil engineering in Yorkshire (see below). Whilst our Gatehouse stained glass door is modest in size, Jo has managed to create the movement of light which bounces off walls and mirrors.

Leeds University stained glass

Whilst we have a lot of original artwork in the house,  the door is our first piece of stained glass

You can find more of Jo’s work at

The Gatehouse B&B is a modern friendly place to stay on the outskirts of Ely in Cambridgeshire, we look forward to seeing you. You may wish to visit the Stained Glass Museum which is located in Ely Cathedral which is nearby.